A bit out of synch!

I’ve started to prepare for Wednesday’s web conference. Managed to install Java and Elluminate & went into the training room. Think l’ll need to read through the notes on how things operate in the room before Wednesday! I’d imagine virtual conferencing would have many applications. Realised l haven’t really got going on Week 2’s tasks as Week 1 took more time than l’d antipicated. I’m looking forward to the holiday break already as l’m envisaging it will give me time to get up to speed! Hoping to explore twitter and facebook very soon, so l don’t get too far behind. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading other participants’ posts.

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1 Response to A bit out of synch!

  1. PLN team says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated, we hope you enjoy the web conference. It’s a very different way of participating in a conference and we’ll be interested in your feedback.
    Great to see you’ve thought about using the holidays for some catch up. We’ve also scheduled a couple of less intensive weeks so hopefully you can get up to date then. We don’t want you working through your hard earned holidays too much!
    The PLN team

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