Unit 8: Professional learning

The amount of professional learning online is quite amazing. It certainly doesn’t take the place of spending a day with Joyce Valenza or Steve Hargadon and fellow teachers, however it supplements this professional development in an inspiring way. The benefits of being able to view resources to support learning in the 21st century, regardless of where we are and when it is, cannot be underestimated. The sharing, the networks and the peer learning for me this year has meant my learning has been exponential. This must therefore mean enhanced learning for the teachers and students l work with.

I love the idea of screencasting. It’s come my way at such an opportune time. I’ve been working with Learning Support students and, as has been mentioned, we all learn in different ways and therefore, as teachers, need to deliver in different modes. I had been pondering the possibility of adding some screencasts to their WIKI. To think they could access it if they’d missed our class or needed to view it on further occasions in order to understand the concept. I think it’s now over to me to give it a try!

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One Response to Unit 8: Professional learning

  1. PLN team says:

    I think it is over to you? Would love to hear how you go, using screencasting tools with some quite specific tasks in mind.
    Our tips: make sure you have a script and run through it a few times so you know what you need to click on next – and so the pages you’re using get cached (faster). And the shorter the better.
    Good luck!
    (for the PLN team)

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