Unit 10: Learning and teaching tools 2

FUSE is a treasure trove! I’ve explored different sections and found several useful resources: ‘Bright Ideas’ under the Teachers category, and due to recently covering a unit on research skills with Year 8 students, the SLV Ergo site. As l was familiar with both these sites, l then explored the Secondary Students category.

My focus was to find some resources to support the Year 8 Learning Support students with their major science project. The Research and Reading component of the Study Guides and Strategies site http://www.studygs.net/shared/reading.htm contains a wealth of useful ideas. The students are about to present their project, so l plan on using this link in next week’s classes.

I’ve directed the students to several free to use music and sound sites, as well as the Creative Commons sites for their images. I wasn’t aware of SchoolTube or the education portal of YouTube, so l had fun exploring them. ‘Hope for technology: an interview with digital natives’ and some Creative Commons clips – ‘Find and use Creative Commons Photos in Flickr” and ‘Creative Commons – Kiwi’ would be useful for both staff and student use. I’ve uploaded the CC clips to our Learning Support wiki.

I recently promoted ‘Inside a Dog’ to a Year 7 class and encouraged the students to vote in the Inky Awards by adding a link to our Libraty blog. We’re promoting ‘Good Reads’ and other online reader sites this aftenoon when we run a staff professional development session.

The Khan Academy is an interesting concept. I could see it’s use for particular subjects with particular students. As my main focus is working with Learning Support students, I’ve been reflecting on the application with students who need quite directed, individualised and interactive learning. Initially, l was hesitant about whether this application would be beneficial for them. However one-on-one teaching is what the article is talking about. I can see the benefits of students being able to review videos as many times as they want and the benefits of using online lessons to support the ineraction that takes place in the classroom. This is an area l’ll talk about further with classroom teachers next year.

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