Unit 11: Gaming in education

Online games is a new area for me. I’ve played and enjoyed board games, however don’t have much experience with digital games. So this unit has opened up a whole new area. I can see their application across education could be quite broad. Really enjoyed watching Jane McGonigal’s TED Talk and hearing of the games created based on current world issues. I’ve forwarded some of this material on to a colleague who’s using games in some of his current teaching. I’ll explore further the ‘Librarian’s Guide to Gaming’.

I reflected on the board game l played with a 5 year old at the weekend and the conversation and interaction that resulted from this game.

Our school doesn’t allow students to ‘play online games’ when they’re at school. In contrast it’s interesting to read some statistics of the number of hours young people spend playing games. We need to look at how we can incorporate games into education, and as with most things, we need to keep things in balance.

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