Unit 6: Presentation tools

My first attempt with Animoto – New books.

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Unit 5: Digital citizenship

Such an important topic with education being the key. As l’ve worked through this unit l’ve been asking questions with regards to my school. As l’m a new staff member, l’ve realised l’m not up-to-date with all of our school’s cyberbullying policies and procedures. That’s something l’ll be familiarising myself with.
Michelle’s post highlights our role as educators in digital education. Are we as educators currently addressing the issues that arise with the use of technology? Is it all such a huge and unknown area that we’re not going there? Are we making decisions based on very limited understanding and knowledge? Some questions l’ve been pondering.
I’ll certainly be integrating creative commons into my research skills classes. Thanks to Jenny for her very clear explanation in helping myself and therefore others in becoming better digital citizens.
I’ve become quite familiar with my public library service over the last week as l’ve worked through some of these units. As the library has been buzzing with students on school holidays, many using various forms of technology, l’ve wondered about their knowledge of digital citizenship.

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Unit 4: Learning and teaching tools

Wallwisher – wow! From viewing and adding to the PLN wall, it’s so easy to see the extensive opportunites for it’s use. Thanks to everyone’s wonderful ideas for how it could be used in the library setting and for Book Week. So timely!
The visual learning tools are real winners. I experimented with Essay Map and will certainly forward it to other teachers. I’ll also try Gliffy and Bubbl.us with students and will post an update on them once l’ve used them. Both are great fun to use. I’m sure students would enjoy using them.
There’s a lot to explore in Google for educators. I came across some useful resources for teaching study skills which l plan to use this term. I was a little familiar with the Google teacher academy as one of my colleagues is a Google certified teacher. My exploration of this component will continue for quite some time as there’s so much to explore. I think a lot of dipping in and out will take place when l have pockets of time!

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Unit 3: Organising information online

I don’t feel l’ve had great success with saving websites using Diigo. After several attempts, l decided to leave it until l’m back at school next week and get some guidance from my colleagues. l feel very fortunate to have experts on hand! There is obviously a step l’m missing. I did manage to join some groups and can see the benefits of sharing experinces and ideas. Perhaps more on that when l’ve had greater success.
One of my roles this year is to develop a Wiki for the Learning Support students, where l’m aiming to have resources and class notes for the students and also present some of their work. The EchucaELearning wiki along with others at my school will be a wonderful source of inspiration.

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Unit 2: Communication tools

I’ve reactiviated my facebook account and also opened a ‘professional’ account. As result of this l’ve had the opportunity to connect with people who live a distance away and also with those who don’t! I’m really enjoying using Twitter and can see the benefits of keeping in touch and up-to-date both on a professional and personal level. Have decided to explore Tweetdeck when l’ve completed the PLN.
I’ve also joined Skype and the Skype education group and looking forward to exploring them further. The possibility of connecting with people, groups or schools regardless of their location in the world is quite exciting. Experiencing these forms of communication, all of which l was aware of however only some l’d previously used, has enabled me to evaluate their use on a professional basis. The issue of implementing them into my daily life and continuing on with the next units is the challenge!

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The tortoise

I feel like l’m really dragging my feet. Making progress, however very slowly. Hoping l’ll be like the tortoise and eventually get over the line! I’ve enjoyed setting up a twitter account and have begun following people and groups. On a professional basis, it’s already opened up a whole new world. That’s exciting. I’ll reactivate my facebook account and sign up to Skype from home as l don’t have access through school. Will return when l’ve explored them.
I’ve continued to read other participants’ comments and learnings. Very inspirational.

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A bit out of synch!

I’ve started to prepare for Wednesday’s web conference. Managed to install Java and Elluminate & went into the training room. Think l’ll need to read through the notes on how things operate in the room before Wednesday! I’d imagine virtual conferencing would have many applications. Realised l haven’t really got going on Week 2’s tasks as Week 1 took more time than l’d antipicated. I’m looking forward to the holiday break already as l’m envisaging it will give me time to get up to speed! Hoping to explore twitter and facebook very soon, so l don’t get too far behind. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading other participants’ posts.

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